Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 2 - Lesson 7

Lesson 26: Selected Card Misteries

The Selected Card Mysteries in this lesson were chosen by Tarbell because they contain some interesting principles that create surprising results.

Many of the underlying concepts are fascinating, but (as always) Dan attempts to make what the audience sees engaging as well as puzzling.

The first trick introduces you to a way to use random information from your spectator to spell to their previously chosen card.

Then, Dan updates the method on a traditional version of Follow the Leader which proves that the colors always match no matter how much you mix them.

Next, is a fabulous method from Richard Himber that allows you to apparently know exactly where someone will cut a deck of cards held behind their back.

After that, Dan shows you how to use some clever, hidden mathematics to discover a card chosen and lost in the deck by your spectator.

Then, we'll take a look at the origin of the preceding effect as Dan shows you the original version designed to be performed over the phone.

And Dan will teach you his variation of another variation of that telephone effect. Don't worry it'll all make sense, and give you many ways to fool your friends.

Next, Dan gives you his brand new presentation, sure-fire method, and clarifying explanation of a timeless classic of self-working card tricks.

Then, Dan teaches you how to match the suit and value of any card called for.

Now, using a clever principle, the deck of cards itself tells you not only the secret number someone has chosen, but also exactly where their card is.

And, finally, Dan shows you one of his favorite oddball effects where two chosen cards teleport directly to your target.

As you can no doubt tell, this lesson contains the kind of head-scratching magic that will leave your audience wondering about the nature of chaos and order.

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