Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 3 - Lesson 6

Lesson 39: Fundamental Card Sleights

Card magic requires a foundation in various techniques which accomplish secret goals without calling attention to themselves.

Although entitled Fundamental Card Sleights, this lesson goes beyond the fundamentals by providing a variety of controls, cuts, counts, and more.

First, a card (freely chosen from the center of the deck, remembered, and returned) is controlled to the top using a deviously direct technique.

Then, another card, merely peeked in the middle of the pack, pops instantly to the bottom.

After that, Dan explores multiple uses of the versatile Kelly Bottom Placement, both to control selected cards and secretly transfer them to hidden locations.

Then, a simple idea gets new life as a surprising torn & restored translocation, and Dan shows you a convenient way to control multiple cards at the same time.

Plus, to showcase a few creative ways to cut the cards, Dan debuts a brand-new, interactive high-card cutting routine that makes you look like a champion.

Next, you will learn ways to false count cards, and Dan puts a couple of them into practice with a quick, new opening gag that gets everyone paying attention.

And, you'll learn the basic way to fan a deck of cards for display or selection, and how you can make it look like all the cards are blank.

Finally, Dan finishes up this more-than-fundamental lesson with an envelope technique to switch one card for another with no gimmicks.

As you learn these sleights, pay close attention to the way Dan has incorporated them into routines designed to conceal the moves and entertain the audience.

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