Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 3 - Lesson 10

Lesson 43: Color Changing Silks

From the simplest change to the most elaborate, color transformations always captivate audiences, transcending age and language barriers.

Most can be easily seen on stage and readily understood by all. And here, I teach you a solid assortment of polished presentations for all types of shows.

First, I revisit Tarbell's popular invention, the Color-Changing Handkerchief, and put my kid-show-ready spin on it that still amuses the adults in the room.

Then, combining a method that shouldn't fool anyone with a compelling presentation, I create a strong closing coda that tugs just the right strings.

And, demonstrating the simple beauty of the color-change, I perform a well-choreographed, bare-hand transformation which stands on its own without words.

On the other end of the spectrum, I give you my preferred get-ready for a silly bit of business that lightens the mood to set up more impressive changes.

Then, I use three white silks to wipe away the colors from a funny, old promo photo, leaving one of my spectators with a cool souvenir.

And, the pirate from my previous lesson returns to help you brush-up on your seafaring knowledge with a refresher full of colorful ideas and language.

Again, I let music tell the story as an orchestra gets a bit out of hand due to my mishap-filled conducting, literally lifting the notes off the page.

Next, I combine the concepts of color theory with an improved method, creating a self-contained lesson nicely suited to an art class or sales seminar.

Then, a series of transformations combine into one large picture, ultimately setting up the surprise appearance of a cute, cuddly little creature.

And finally, a quick quaint opener reminds me of the changing seasons as the green leaves begin to take on their bright autumn hues.

As you watch this lesson (and explore the clever ideas within), I'm sure you'll see why audiences of all ages delight at an unexpected and colorful change.

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