Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 3 - Lesson 7

Lesson 40: Card Mysteries

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make your card tricks more intriguing for your audience by bringing a sense of motivation and drama to them.

Dan begins with a modern take on the repeat card mystery by substituting a seemingly endless supply of gift cards that eventually consolidate.

For a second version, he attempts to achieve a simple balance between two helpers, but the cards refuse to co-operate, so they scrap the whole thing.

In yet another repeat card mystery, Dan injects a humorous poker theme as he attempts to get rid of an extra card and fails each time until he reveals his hand.

Then, Dan shows off his incredible speed and marksmanship in an updated version of a thumbtack trick, where he uses a standard staple gun to locate the card.

Next, the longtime favorite "Card on the Ceiling" still holds up, and Dan teaches you every detail to ensure your success even on the strangest ceiling.

Then, a variation of the preceding effect finds the card travelling from one packet to another before making it's final stop overhead.

And, ceilings aren't the only place to decorate with cards, as demonstrated when a selected card penetrates the box to appear on the wall.

Plus, a neat variation puts Dan in a sporting mood as his opponent and him use ping-pong paddles to produce a pleasant piece of perplexing prestidigitation.

Then, you're treated to multiple clever methods to melt one or more cards through a handkerchief, rise up through it, or even change into a different card.

In one unusual method, the handkerchief deftly exchanges a joker for the selected card while preventing you from manipulating the deck in any way.

Next, Dan tackles a trick with a twisted and confusing conclusion by taking a little time-travelling trip to put everything where it's not supposed to be.

Then, six selections are sealed in an envelope and one of Dan's helpers makes her card penetrate out, leaving Dan to name all the others.

Plus, there's a couple of reversed card mysteries, including a double-reverse which happens to be Dan's favorite impromptu card trick of all time.

Yes, this lesson covers a wide variety of tried-and-true plots with Dan's modern twists designed to engage and impress any size audience.

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