Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 3 - Lesson 11

Lesson 44: Rabbit and Dove Magic

Get ready for some apparatus magic as we take a look at the world of Mini-Illusions!

Although the original title for this lesson is Rabbit and Dove Magic, the tricks are more versatile and can be applied to just about any small animal such as, Dan's cute and cuddly co-star, Ginger Snap. The tricks featured are (for the most part) apparatus effects, or box tricks, or as Dan prefers to call them... Mini-Illusions. Dan has given each one an appealing new presentation, and he shares alternate versions that don't require a live animal.

First, Dan takes a basic box production and turns it into a clever comedy contraption with a cute kicker. Grapes in... raisins out... but how does it work?

Next, a new pet-packaging idea allows Dan's helper to choose from an assortment of miniaturized furry-friends, and together, they make it (shockingly) spring to life.

Then, an attempt to vanish Ginger seems to go wrong, but she's quicker than you think, getting away safely and leaving a little present for everyone.

And, a simple gift is found to be quite disappointing until Dan discovers the hidden message and fixes it with a snap... a Ginger Snap, that is.

Plus, Dan toys with the audience's emotions as he carelessly poke holes into Ginger's hiding place, but don't worry, she's quicker than you think.

Then he builds a castle of cards and reveals its queen, before taking a trip out west for some fancy roping moves, assisted by a surprise guest. Spoiler alert...

it's Ginger's sister, Peggy Sue, making her stage debut. As mentioned, each of these effects can be easily reworked for use without an animal, and Dan shows you how.

So, whether you have a dove, rabbit, guinea pig, or a bucket-full of stars, get ready for some apparatus magic as we take a look at the world of Mini-Illusions.

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