Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 1 - Lesson 10

Lesson 10: Effective Card Mysteries

We come to the first lesson of Card tricks and it's an eclectic assortment to say the least.

There are many card tricks in the world of magic, but the critical factor that keeps them interesting is variety in presentation and plot.

In this lesson, you'll learn a few unusual tricks that you can use to spice up your routines.

There's a strange card revelation where the selected card seems to escape from the deck and melt through the box... all while it's bound tightly to your hand.

Then, Dan takes an overly-complicated trick and condense it into a direct miracle which makes use of a simple home-made modification. You can add to any card box which allows you to learn the identity of any card hidden inside.

Next, is a physically, and psychologically, impossible trick where a thought-of card vanishes only to be discovered to be the card you placed in your pocket at the very beginning.

And finally, Dan will show you how to use a very simple and subtle move to create an unbelievable transposition that's super-easy to do.

So, grab a deck of cards and let's get started learning some Effective Card Mysteries.

Trick Listing

  • The Rising Card Escape
  • Sealed Card Mystery
  • A Psychological Impossibility
  • The Hindu Color Changing Deck
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