Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 1 - Lesson 15

Lesson 15: Restoring Torn Papers

The torn and restored plot is so simple to understand and so visual that it has been a mainstay of magic for as long as there has been paper to tear. You openly destroy a piece of paper, then restore it to its original condition... or perhaps even change it into something else. These effects can be done while speaking or silently set to music and they always go over well with audiences of all ages. In this lesson, Dan will start off with a personal piece about prosperity that lends meaning to his actions and motivates the magic. Then, you'll see how a different presentation can change the character of a classic and make it feel brand new. Dan will also show you a slightly more traditional approach to the snowstorm effect that contains a few nice details we think you'll like. Then you'll learn how creating a simple symbolic attachment allows both you and your spectator to experience a cathartic emotional restoration. And you'll even learn a super-clean looking way to restore paper that has been thoroughly destroyed by fire. And finally, we play a little dress-up by making our spectator a fancy new hat... and Dan will show you exactly how to construct this comedy gem. If you've been looking for visual magic that people love, we're sure you'll find a trick or two in this lesson on Restoring Torn Papers. Tricks included:
  • Chinese Paper Mystery
  • Winter-time in China
  • Winter-time in China (Tannen)
  • Japanese Torn and Restored Napkins
  • Hindu Paper Tearing
  • Milady’s Parisienne Hat
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