Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 1 - Lesson 3

Lesson 3: Sleight of Hand with Coins

An action-packed hour. Learn how to secretly control and manipulate small items without detection.

The field of sleight of hand is a vast one and a thorough knowledge of it will add immensely to your magical education.

Whether you are a full-time pro or avid amateur; a close-up magician, an illusionist, or a mentalist you should know how to secretly control and manipulate small items without detection.

In this lesson, Dan will teach you many principles of sleight of hand, with coins and similar objects, to give you a firm foundation in our art.

When you have mastered the manipulations in this lesson, your reward will be a variety of methods that will allow you to vanish, produce, or exchange virtually any small objects you desire.

This will give you the ability to be a magician anytime, anywhere!

In this lesson Dan will teach:

  • Concealing Techniques
  • Front Flat Palm (aka Classic Palm)
  • Pressure Palm
  • Front Edge Palm (aka Classic Edge Grip)
  • Front Thumb Palm
  • Back Thumb Palm
  • Invisible Thumb Palm (aka Downs Palm)
  • Finger Palm
  • Curled Finger Tip Palm
  • Front Finger Palm
  • Back Finger Palm
  • Front Finger Clip
  • Back Finger Clip
  • Closed Finger Palm
  • Finger Tip Clip
  • Two Finger Balance
  • Thumb-Fingertip Horizontal Hold
  • Thumb-Fingertip Vertical Hold
  • Production Clip
  • Pinch Clip
  • Flat Finger Position
  • Fist Horizontal and Fist Vertical Holds
  • Manipulative Methods for Vanishing a Coin
  • Front Thumb Palm Vanish
  • Top Pocket Vanish
  • Front Flat Palm Vanish
  • Front Finger Palm Vanish
  • The Coin Slide Vanish
  • Thumb Grip Vanish
  • Finger Palm Vanish
  • Lift Up Vanish
  • Invisible Thumb Vanish
  • Le Tourniquet Vanish (aka The French Drop)
  • Tarbell’s Improved “French” Vanish
  • Le Paul’s Improved “French” Vanish
  • Tarbell’s “Nip-Away” Coin Vanish
  • The Superba Coin Vanish
  • The Direct Coin Vanish
  • Joe Berg’s Thumb Coin Vanish
  • Pick-Up Vanish
  • Front and Back Finger Palming
  • Back Finger Clip Vanish
  • To Get Rid of a Coin after Vanishing it in Hand
  • The Elusive Change-Over Palm
  • The Thumb Change-Over
  • Michael Ammar’s Wiped Clean
  • Bonus Modern Handwashing Technique
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