Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 1 - Lesson 19

Lesson 19: Eggs and Silks

There are real gems in this lesson, and a classic that Dan has always wanted to perform in a slightly different way.

There's also the first effect, which was far too simple to be interesting, and far too transparent to be deceptive. But don't worry, you know Dan, he's completely reworked it (keeping the core concept intact), yet approaching it from a different angle. You'll see a small example of the extraordinary work Dan's willing to put into an effect to achieve something unique, interesting and surprising. Then, Dan gives you his brand new work on the classic silk to egg, bringing it up to speed for modern audiences and making it more deceptive than ever. For one of the routines, Dan decides to replace handkerchiefs with something a bit more fun, and add some extra magic to create a successful conclusion. But he can't do it alone, so he enlists the help of a secret assistant... watch for a cameo appearance by my good friend Docc Hilford. And, finally, this lesson ends with one of those hidden gems. For very little effort, you can create an engaging piece of stand-up magic that lends itself well to just about any show and any audience... and the ending is customizeable. If you do any emcee work, you'll love this one. As you'll see, Dan has pushed some of these pieces way beyond where they started, while others he's merely finessed their already solid structure, but the results, in every case, are routines that will surprise and delight your audience, that you'll be proud to perform.
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