Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 1 - Lesson 18

Lesson 18:Knotty Silks

Although, this lesson is entitled Knotty Silks, many of the moves, tricks, and techniques can be applied to other items, and Dan will show you how. First, Dan teaches you some neat moves, like how to instantly tie a knot with one hand and a quick shake. And, we look at how to make an old vanishing knot idea a bit more deceptive with an updated handling. Plus, Dan shows you the best way to tie a false knot that looks so much like you're tying a real knot, you might even fool yourself. You'll also learn a silly, speedy knot gag Dan performed in the previous lesson... whether you want to... or not. And, then Dan shows you one of his favorite knots. It's cool, because it visibly unties itself, and it's impromptu and easy to do. You'll love it. Plus, Dan teaches you a variation that allows anyone to pull on the knot and confirm it's tight, yet it can be released with one sharp pull. And, you'll even learn how to quickly slip a real knot tied by someone else... and that's a great technique to know. We'll look at how to apparently pull a large handkerchief through your leg, and Dan shows you the right way to tie the famous Hunter Bow Knot. There's also a haunted knot that unties itself, and even knots which appear and disappear in sympathy with others. Plus, Dan gives you his work on Tommy Dowd's Silk Penetration, and variations, to help you learn this versatile, yet elusive knot. In addition to the many fascinating techniques you'll acquire, Dan also performs a little piece to show you how you might incorporate tricks into a routine. So, there's a lot to cover, but if you're up to it, it's time to get knotty. Knots included:
  • Instantaneous One-Hand Knot
  • Pull-Away Single Knot
  • Dissolving Single Knot
  • The Speedy Single Knot
  • The Fade-Away Double Knot
  • Nu-Way Double Knot
  • Quick Release Double Knot
  • Leg Tie and Release with Handkerchief
  • Magical Bow Knot, G.W. Hunter
  • Chair Tie and Release with Bow Knot
  • The Educated Knot
  • Sympathetic Silks
  • Tommy Dowd's Silk Penetration
  • Al Baker’s Handkerchief Through the Arm
  • Phantom Knots
  • Plus Dan's complete silk manipulation act!
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