Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 1 - Lesson 9

In this lesson, entitled

In this lesson, entitled "Mathematical Mysteries," there are principles at play here that can be applied in many situations that don't involve numbers at all.

Dan is going to show you how to go way beyond what you might think of as a math trick by incorporating presentations that capture people's imaginations.

You’ll learn to control a large number of variables to cause a strange and highly improbable coincidence to occur.

Dan will show you how to appear to control fire, and use it to burn a lasting impression of a "group mind" computation.

Then, he'll tell you which common drugstore item you can use to produce a physical manifestation of a psychic connection.

Finally, you'll see how magicians have been way ahead of the electronic banking craze by instantly transferring money through empty space.

Don’t let the title fool you... these mathematical mysteries contain a high percentage of mystery and negligible math.

Dan has simply added the proper amount of presentation to produce one-hundred percent amazement. Let's begin...

Tricks taught:

  • Mystery the Traveling Numbers
  • The Spirit Mathematician
  • The Numbers on Arm
  • Rapid Banking
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