Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 1

Lesson 46: Novelty Magic

Looking for something different? You'll find it here. This lesson on Novelty Magic contains a veritable potpourri of unusual effects designed to spice up your magic.

I begin by transforming an old trick with a telegram into an instant check-cashing stunner with a guaranteed payoff, perfect as an opening bit.

Then, I give you some pointers on playing with fire so you won't get burnt, before I show you how to perfectly produce two beautiful bouquets in a flash.

Next, I substitute a salty snack (instead of the standard cigarettes) in a simple impromptu, multiple production sequence that's surprising and a bit silly.

And, I also take the smoke out of a strange bit of business and pour myself a long-distance glass of wine. It's a sight gag that won't leave you all wet.

Then, we're off to the bar for a clever combination of impossible water suspension, pseudo-scientific explanation, and mind-over-matter demonstration.

Plus, I throw in a bonus trick (tucked away in a footnote) to transform a borrowed cigarette into a frozen-solid stick. That's one way to break the habit.

Then we're back to liquid suspension with the one that's arguably the best, and I give you my stand-up presentation and show you the recently improved gimmick.

Next, I expand a simple trick into a magical guessing game with a re-appearing lemon. And you know what to do with lemons... that's right, make lemonade.

Continuing with liquid tricks, I do my best "confused conjurer" apparently drowning a borrowed cellphone, but it's returned unharmed and I get a healthy snack.

And finally, I share my clever, yet impossible way to sneak a secret drink into a concert. There's no reason it should work, but somehow it does.

You'll find perennial favorites and hidden gems in this lesson, re-imagined with my own polished presentations to make them shine like new.

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