Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 10

Lesson 55: Magic with Ribbon

In this lesson on Magic with Ribbon, Dan has updated the handling of these interesting tricks, occasionally substituting other ribbon-like props to strengthen the effect.

You'll learn how you can use a direct (yet deceptive) method for the cut and restored ribbon to illustrate many of life's challenges.

Then a series of strange penetrations leave a spectator thoroughly perplexed as his money melts onto a solid ribbon, trapping itself inside a greeting card.

And you'll learn how to cut a borrowed dollar in half, then restore it, while it's secured in an envelope, yet visible through two large windows.

Money once again plays a role as it keeps two cards held together while a message mysteriously appears upon them.

Then, in a nod to electronic espionage, a secret piece of data (written on a ribbon) is intercepted as it travels invisibly from the sender to the receiver.

Plus, Dan teaches you how you can use a wonderfully weird topological oddity to involve a group in a goofy game that's rigged to let you choose the winner.

And finally, a shoelace steps in to substitute for the ribbon only to be subjected to the scissors, but (no worries) as it all comes together in the end.

Every trick in this lesson is a winner, and each one unique enough to please your audience when they want to see something a little bit different.

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