Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 11

Lesson 56: Silken Trickery

Time for another lesson filled with the colorful wonder of silks! All the routines have been brought up to date for a modern audience!

This lesson begins with a big presentation of a long overlooked method for the Twentieth Century Silks using ungimmicked handkerchiefs.

Then, the spectator becomes the star of the show, performing a funny and amazing version of the silk trick, fooling everyone... including himself.

And, you'll learn how to use a few handkerchiefs to illustrate the strange nature of microphysics... specifically quantum entanglement. It's both entertaining and educational.

Then, thinking way outside the box, you are treated to a brand new emcee bit that's fast, funny, and physically impossible.

You'll also learn a charming routine with a lively little handkerchief who appears at your fingertips, then performs some clever contortions and odd acrobatics.

And you'll learn a handy impromptu method for silk through mic stand that's real impressive with no reel, for real.

And, you'll see how a quick fashion lesson for two helpers turns a longtime standard into a surprisingly fresh new favorite that makes everybody look good.

And finally, Harlan takes the remaining few tricks, stirs in his ideas, add a dash of cash, and create a killer routine that's all about the green.

So, if you thought you'd seen it all, get ready to be pleasantly surprised by these revised, updated, and modernized silk tricks.

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