Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 13

Lesson 58: Illusions

Since its introduction, The Girl From the Light (now known as The Shadowbox) has remained a popular effect with illusionists the world over.

The addition of light and shadows creates drama and mystery, captivating your audience in ways that transcend the typical box trick.

In this lesson, you'll see three presentations that take the basic appearance and push it even further to really set you apart from the pack.

First, the design of the box has been re-imagined to give it style, stage presence, and symbolism while justifying the modern addition of the corner fins.

Plus, the egg shape allows the subject to appear standing up and lends itself well to a comedy-themed giant chicken production.

But the brand new design is also incredibly versatile as you'll see in the science fiction inspired solo-appearance for making your grand entrance.

Of course, as always, you'll learn how the illusion has been constructed to be easily taken apart and put back together without any tools.

And in the final variation, you'll be introduced to a method incorporating lights on the outside of the box and a wonderfully deceptive optical principle inside.

As you can see, we're getting into some slick, professional techniques and detailed decorations transforming that "plain white box" into something spectacular.

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