Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 2

Lesson 47: Thimble Magic

Thimble Magic is a fascinating genre of manipulation that (not surprisingly) had its heyday when thimbles were a common household item.

And like the humble thimble, magic with them is less common now, so updating this area of manipulation presents unique challenges, but the results make you stand out.

First, you'll see a full routine of appearances, vanishes, color-changes, and transpositions ending with a full set of thimbles and a kicker rainbow finale.

Then, I take you behind the scenes, into my home studio, to teach you how to make my reliable thimble hold-outs.

And of course, you will learn every move in detail, including some modern moves and variations. Plus, the subtle nuances that make all the difference.

Then, you will see how serendipity sparks creativity as a miser's dream of sorts turns into a coffee-drinker's nightmare.

Not only will you learn about context and motivation, I'll tell you how to build all the props, including my brand new Airborne Coffee Cup. No liquid required.

And finally, I apply an unusual thimble vanish in a way never dreamt of as a silly winemaking kit produces unexpected (and tasty) results.

So, is there anything new in the world of thimble magic? Yes, absolutely, now there is. My solution to these challenges will teach you to think outside the thimble.

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