Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 5

Lesson 50: Novelty Rising Cards

Causing a chosen card to mysteriously rise from the pack has fascinated magicians and captivated audiences for centuries. It's a time-tested combination of card revelation and unexpected animation.

In Lesson 27, you learned a number of great methods to make selected cards rise out of the deck on your command. Now, Dan expands upon those original concepts with more challenging constraints, diverse methods, and fascinating presentations. He's even included a brand new method, revealed here for the first time.

First, cards trapped in an envelope, isolated upon an artist's easel, still find a way to rise. And, you'll learn how to make the updated design for the easel.

Next, you'll learn a simple, self-contained version of rising cards from envelope, and a neat variation with a book that Dan has made look more innocent than ever. Plus, you'll even discover a completely impromptu version that can be done with any book and any unprepared deck of cards.

Then, you'll learn a full routine where a fedora is the star. A card appears in its headband, another rises while covered and trapped, a third slices its way right through the top of the hat, and the last one crawls out of the mess of cards in full view of the delighted audience.

And finally, Dan dresses up a charming idea of Tarbell's with a haunted dollhouse, by adding a bit of spooky music an unexpected apparition.

This lesson is a wonderful example of creativity which proves you don't have to settle for the standard approach, and small changes make a big difference.

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