Tarbell – Every Trick in the Book Book 4 - Lesson 12

Lesson 57: Slate Mysteries

The idea of images appearing on slates has been around for a long time, but (in this lesson) You'll learn new presentations and techniques using modern props.

We kick things off with a nod to the original by re-introducing this outdated communication technology, which still works surprisingly well.

After replacing the slates with photos, your audience chooses a destination and a famous person. Initially, there's a brief mix-up, before everything proves correct.

Then, I teach you a sneaky way to match a serial number on a marked bill, incorporating a clever technique from Al Baker, and a bit of business of my own.

You'll also learn to instantly draw any famous landmark chosen, even though both boards are initialed to prevent any shenanigans... or so it seems.

And by applying some slate techniques to cards, I replicate (in a visual way) one of my favorite science fiction ideas... psychic paper.

Then, the boards do all the work as a joke answer turns into a kicker, a chosen symbol appears all by itself, and another choice refuses to be erased.

Plus, I introduce you to an ingenious, mechanical board which can make you look like a record-setting, mathematical master-mindreader... and more.

If you thought slates were only for seances, prepare to have your mind blown by the wide variety of possibilities presented in these Slate Mysteries.

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